The Blessing Way

The Blessing Way low rez005A4259.jpg

When we purify our minds…our bodies…our spirits…

We allow our Heart to open

to the Blessings of what Life gives us…

The Blessings of Mother Earth and all She provides for us every day…

The Blessings of the Moon and all Her Mysteries…

The Blessings of the Tree of Life…

where our roots sink deep into the earth beneath our feet…

May we remember the DNA

of our Ancestors that are alive within us.

May we walk in Balance and follow the natural teachings

of the Medicine Wheel

 and connect to the water, fire, earth and air elements within us.

The Blessing Way is a path of Beauty ….

A path of integrity, respect, compassion, service,

Love and Truth…

a way of living where we connect to Spirit and Know what

own personal Medicine is. 

The Blessing Way is the path of the Heart.

 -Olivia Marie

Birds of Paradise

Birds of Paradise low rez.jpg

Being creatures of the earth and the heavens…

May we stand tall…

branch out..

grow new leaves…

.reach for the sky…

 and sink our roots deep into the living waters of Life.

May we open our Heart space like the LOTUS and allow the Light of 

our Being to shine in the world.

May we feel our connection to the red thread and 

know we are woven into the very fabric of Life, Herself.

We are of the earth and the sky

and the winged-ones bring us their songs….

Be graceful like the swam..

be in stillness and listen as the egret 

and wise like the owl. 

May joy fly into our heart space and peace within our world.

May Raven show us the deep Mystery 

and Hawk a new vision. 

May Love and Beauty show us the way and may it be what we do.

 -Olivia Marie



Goddess of the open skies

Goddess of the Open Skies.jpg

This was the 3rd in a series of paintings…

Walking the Medicine Wheel, and being conscious of the elements. 

“She” represents the Heavens, the Cosmos and the element of AIR. 

We all have guardian Spirits and they can come in many forms.  Some are angels, birds, insects, etc. 

The universe is sometimes known as the realm of the “ancestors” who guide us from the other world.  

Sometimes SHE is also referred to as the “Queen of the Heavens”,  Goddess of Wisdom, 

“SHE who watches over Creation.”

She offers an alchemist pathway to healing and wholeness. The "way" is portrayed by the scalloped shell she holds in her hand.

While I was in the process of painting her the planet was experiencing life altering hurricanes, devastating fires in the Pacific Northwest, acts of terrorism and gun violence. She holds my tears, my hope and my love of humanity. Her child not only represents my inner child but all children of the world. 

She is the mother who awakens us to the suffering of humanity and the world. She shows us the light within our own hearts. Her fierce love is here for us all.   

-Olivia Marie